James Adams
James first became involved in natural health in 1994.  An experienced member of the The Acupuncture Society, as well as establishing successful practices in Somerset and Scotland, James has volunteered as an acupuncturist at a UNHCR camp clinic in Nepal over 3 winters.

                         He trained for 4 years as an acupuncturist at the International College of Oriental
                         Medicine (ICOM), graduating with a first class honours degree in Oriental
                         Medicine from Brighton University and a diploma in Swedish/ therapeutic

                         James’ treatments draw on a wide range of classical and traditional acupuncture
                         styles, including 5 Elements, Stems & Branches and Traditional Chinese

                         A passionate advocate of the benefits of Chinese Medicine, James brings a great
                         warmth to his work.  In addition to treating many of the pain-related disorders
                         that acupuncture is best known for in the West, he has a special interest in
                         psycho-emotional issues, gynaecological and fertility conditions, skin complaints,
                         and childhood illnesses.